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Drain board

The draining board is made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene plastic base plate which is pressed into a conical process table (or hollow cylindrical porous). The top surface of the cone process platform is connected with a layer of filter cloth...

Product Details

The draining board is made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene plastic base plate which is pressed into a conical process table (or hollow cylindrical porous). The top surface of the cone process table is glued with a layer of filter cloth to prevent the dirt particles from flowing through, thereby avoiding the blockage of the drainage channel. Traditional drainage system using brick tile as the pilot filter layer, the use of more pebbles or gravel as the filter layer, the water is discharged to a designated location. Instead of using drainage board to replace the pebble filter water drainage is time saving, energy saving, saving investment, but also to reduce the load of buildings.
Features: a good drainage system for the construction of the civil construction cycle and the normal use of structures and life has an important role. HW drainage plate and the porous seepage pipe composed of an effective drainage system, a cylindrical porous drainage plate and geotechnical cloth also composed a drainage system, thus forming a has the water seepage, water storage and drainage function of the system.
Application domain:
Garden Works: garage roof greening, Roof garden, football field, golf course, beach project
Municipal Engineering: road subgrade, subway tunnel
Building engineering: the foundation of the building or the lower layer, the basement wall, roof leakage and insulation layer, etc.
Traffic engineering: highway, railway roadbed, dam and slope protection layer.



Laying procedure:
1 clean scene laying of garbage, the leveling cement, the site has no obvious concave and convex, outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to have 2 - 5 in 1000 for slope.
2 roof greening and outdoor garage roof greening can be equipped with a porous seepage pipe, so that the discharge of water discharged into the drainage plate in the vicinity of the water mains or nearby city sewer.
3. The basement floor seepage water, on the base of overhead floor is in before doing the floor now a layer of drainage plate, round projecting bench down, surrounded by leaving blind ditch, the groundwater not to, seepage nature through the drainage board space flows around the blind ditch, the blind ditch inflow catchment pit.
4 underground indoor wall seepage prevention, can be in the main wall of the building on the laying of drainage boards, the main face of the main wall. Drainage plate and then build a layer of single wall or with steel mesh cement to protect drainage board, outside the wall of the water seepage board space straight down into the blind ditch until sump.
5. In any area of laying of drainage plate, must pay attention to: don't let soil, cement, sand and other garbage into the space of the front of the drainage board, to ensure smooth flow of drainage board space.
6 when the drainage plate laying as well as possible protection measures, the level or the outdoor garage laying drainage boards should be promptly do a good job back fill, prevent the impact of wind blown random drainage board laying quality. Basement and interior wall waterproof as soon as possible to do a good job of protective layer, prevent drainage boards were destroyed or damaged.
. backfill clay, above the geotextile need to shop 3-5 cm of sand for the ideal, in favor of geotextile filter water; as backfill is a nutrient soil and light soil there is no need to laying a layer of sand, the soil itself is very loose easily filter water.
8. Drainage plate in laying side and right side lap down 1 - 2 fulcrum and can also be two soleplates touch together, above use geotextile lap, just keep no dirt from entering the drain drainage channel, keep smooth drainage.

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