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High tech Development Zone, Feicheng City, Shandong Province

Recruitment Information: International trade specialist


Job responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company's trading business, the implementation of trade procedures, to open up the market;
2, responsible for contact with customers, the preparation of quotations, participate in business negotiations, the signing of the contract;
3, responsible for production tracking, delivery, on-site monitoring equipment;
4, responsible for the document review, customs, settlement, after-sales service, etc.;
5, customer development and maintenance;
6, the collation and archiving of business related information;


Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, major in international trade or business english;
2. Working experience in related field is preferred.
3, familiar with the trade operation process and related laws and regulations, with the professional knowledge of the field of trade;
4, with a higher level of English, good computer skills, such as customs clearance certificate and other related trade operation certificate is preferred;
5, has a good business development skills and business negotiation skills, strong sense of public relations, with a strong sense of professionalism, teamwork and independent work ability, the courage to open up and innovation.



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