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  • [2016.04.29] The construction process of the geomembrane and geotextile t

    Geomembrane construction program (1) removal of the substrate (2) Geomembrane laying (3) joint construction, testing (4) is coupled with the peripheral anchoring (5) Acceptance (6) applying a protective layer Geomembrane Techniques 1: Large geomembrane laying should adopt mechanical .....

  • [2016.04.29] The difference between the geotechnical membrane and the ear

    Geotextile, also called geotextiles, it is made of synthetic fiber by acupuncture or the permeability of woven geosynthetic materials. Finished products for cloth, width is commonly 4 to 6 m, length is 50-100 meters. Geotextile divided into woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. Geotextile h .....

  • [2016.04.29] The warp knitting polyester geogrid carrying capacity analys

    The warp knitting polyester geogrid to improve the bearing capacity of the road infrastructure, the warp knitting polyester geogrid and glass fiber geogrids in appearance and no difference, but because of the warp knitting polyester geogrid high-strength polyester fiber and polypropylene fiber i .....

  • [2016.04.29] How the performance of the difference between geogrid?

    Two way plastic stretching earthwork grating is formed by extruding, forming plate and punching process through extrusion, forming plate and punching process. The material in the longitudinal and transverse has great tensile strength, the structure of plastic geogrid in soil can also provide a m .....

  • [2016.04.29] Characteristics and application of glass fiber grating

    Glass fiber grille is a glass fiber reinforced. Is a high grade of the geotechnical grille. Shrinkage cracking and enhancement processing, low product has high strength, elongation, resistance to high temperature, high modulus, weight light, good toughness, resistance to corrosion, long life a .....

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