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  • [2016.04.29] Geotechnical grille manufacturers tell you the construction

    The construction process of the earthwork grid is the process of the construction process: Inspection, cleaning up bearing layer, artificial paving geotechnical grille, lap, lashing, securing, stand upper layer of subgrade soil compaction, detection. Geogrid according to width of the design .....

  • [2016.04.29] The difference between the geotechnical membrane and the ear

    The geotechnical fabric, also known as the earth fabric, is made of synthetic fibers that are made of permeable synthetic material through a needle or needle. Finished cloth, the general width of 4-6 meters, length of 50-100 meters. The geotechnical cloth is divided into a textile and nonwoven f .....

  • [2016.04.29] Specification for construction of geotechnical grille

    The laying direction of geo grid is always perpendicular to the center line of subgrade. 1 laying the preparation work: 1.1 foundation treatment: first the lower for leveling, compaction, the required level of not more than 15 mm, the compaction degree reach design requirements, surface stri .....

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