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  • [2016.04.29] The construction process of the geomembrane and geotextile t

    Geomembrane construction program (1) removal of the substrate (2) Geomembrane laying (3) joint construction, testing (4) is coupled with the peripheral anchoring (5) Acceptance (6) applying a protective layer Geomembrane Techniques 1: Large geomembrane laying should adopt mechanical .....

  • [2016.04.29] Characteristics and application of glass fiber grating

    Glass fiber grille is a glass fiber reinforced. Is a high grade of the geotechnical grille. Shrinkage cracking and enhancement processing, low product has high strength, elongation, resistance to high temperature, high modulus, weight light, good toughness, resistance to corrosion, long life a .....

  • [2016.04.29] Construction technology of glass fiber geo grid

    (1) the first accurate release of subgrade slope line, in order to ensure the roadbed width, on each side of the widened 0.5m, the basal soil drying good leveling with 25t vibration pressure roller pressure twice, then 50t shock pressure four times, uneven with artificial leveling. (2) for 0.3 .....

  • [2016.04.29] Geotechnical grille is a major composite material

    Geotechnical grille is a major composite material, compared with other synthetic materials, it has a unique performance and effectiveness. Reinforced soil structure used as the reinforcement of the reinforced soil structure, such as the reinforcement of the composite material. Geogrid is divided .....

  • [2016.04.29] Your interpretation of tgsg is how to synthesis

    Plastic geogrid is high alkali glass fiber through international advanced warp knitting mesh substrates, surface coating processing and made of semi - rigid products. Warp knitted geogrid with warp knitting machine of high strength polyester industrial filament yarn by computer, coating, plastic .....

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