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Characteristics and application of glass fiber grating

Article :Shandong Shouyue Yue geotechnical materials Co., Ltd. Add time:2016/04/29 PV:

Glass fiber grille is a glass fiber reinforced. Is a high grade of the geotechnical grille.
Shrinkage cracking and enhancement processing, low product has high strength, elongation, resistance to high temperature, high modulus, weight light, good toughness, resistance to corrosion, long life and other characteristics, can be widely applied to the old cement concrete pavement and airport runway maintenance, dams, river bank slope protection, bridge pavement engineering field, for the road surface reinforcement, reinforcement to prevent pavement rutting fatigue crack, hot and cold expansion crack below the reflection crack, and the pavement bearing stress dispersion and prolong the pavement service life, high tensile strength and low elongation rate, long term creep, physical and chemical stability, thermal stability, fatigue cracking, high temperature rutting, low temperature resistance, delay to reduce reflection cracks.
Product use
1 old asphalt concrete pavement, reinforced asphalt surface layer, prevention and treatment of disease.
2 cement concrete pavement reconstruction of composite pavement, inhibit the contraction of the plate caused by reflection cracks.
3 Road extension to the project, the new and old combination of the Department and the uneven settlement caused by cracks.
4. The soft soil foundation reinforcement treatment, conducive to the consolidation of soft soil condensate water, effectively inhibit the settlement, uniform stress distribution, and enhance the overall strength of the subgrade.
5 new road and semi steel base produce shrinkage cracks, reinforced to prevent the foundation crack reflection caused by the road surface cracks.

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