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Construction technology of glass fiber geo grid

Article :Shandong Shouyue Yue geotechnical materials Co., Ltd. Add time:2016/04/29 PV:

(1) the first accurate release of subgrade slope line, in order to ensure the roadbed width, on each side of the widened 0.5m, the basal soil drying good leveling with 25t vibration pressure roller pressure twice, then 50t shock pressure four times, uneven with artificial leveling.
(2) for 0.3m in thick sand (coarse), with artificial mechanical leveling, 25T vibratory roller pressure two times.
(3) laying geogrid, geogrid laying bottom surface should be smooth, dense, should generally be tiled, straightening, must not overlap, not curl, kink, two adjacent pieces of Geogrid to lap 0.2m, and along the horizontal Subgrade of geogrid overlap parts every 1 meter by No.8 wire were interspersed connection, and in the laying of the grille, every 1.5-2m U-shaped nail is fixed on the ground.
(4) the first layer of geogrid paved, began to fill with second layers of 0.2m in thick sand (coarse), the method of sand transport to the site: car unloading to the subgrade side, then put forward to push the bulldozer, within 2 meters on both sides of the subgrade filling after 0.1M, the first layer of geogrid fold up and then fill in 0.1 meters in the sand (coarse), from both sides to the middle filling and advance, prohibit all machinery without filling (coarse sand) of Geogrid on traffic operation, it can guarantee the geogrid is smooth, does not play drums, do not wrinkle, stay in the second layer (coarse) after the formation of sand, the level of measurement, to prevent uneven filling thickness, leveling and correct use of vibratory roller 25T static pressure two times.
(5) the second layer of geotechnical grid construction method with the method of the first layer, finally re filling 0.3m in (coarse sand and filling method with the first layer like, with 25t pressure roller pressure twice, so subgrade reinforcement have been disposed of.
(6) in the third layer (coarse) compacted sand after, along the line longitudinal in the slope on both sides of the laying geogrid two amplitude, lap 0.16m and with the same method, connected, and then began to earthwork construction operations, the laying of geogrid slope protection must be laid sideline measurements of each layer, each side to ensure the slope renovation Houtu geogrid buried in the slope 0.10m.
(7) slope geogrid each filling two layers of soil, namely the thickness of 0.8 m is required on both sides of the at the same time laying a layer of geogrid, and so on until shop to shoulder surface soil.
(8) filling of Subgrade after a good, timely slope renovation, and the toe of the slope dry rubble door, on the roadbed in addition to each side of the widened the outer 0.3m and reserved for 1.5% of the settlement.

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