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Geotechnical grille is a major composite material

Article :Shandong Shouyue Yue geotechnical materials Co., Ltd. Add time:2016/04/29 PV:

Geotechnical grille is a major composite material, compared with other synthetic materials, it has a unique performance and effectiveness. Reinforced soil structure used as the reinforcement of the reinforced soil structure, such as the reinforcement of the composite material. Geogrid is divided into four categories, that is, the plastic geotechnical grille, steel geotechnical grille, glass fiber geogrid and polyester geotechnical grille.
Geotechnical grille is a major composite material. With high-strength steel wire (or other fiber), the special treatment, and polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and add other additives, by extrusion into composite type high tension band and surface rough, embossed, high strength plus reinforced geotextile strips. This single band, longitudinal and transverse according to certain distance compilation or clamping arrangement, using special strengthening adhesive fusion welding techniques (ultrasonic welding technology welding the connection point and forming, and the reinforced geogrid.

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