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Your interpretation of tgsg is how to synthesis

Article :Shandong Shouyue Yue geotechnical materials Co., Ltd. Add time:2016/04/29 PV:

Plastic geogrid is high alkali glass fiber through international advanced warp knitting mesh substrates, surface coating processing and made of semi - rigid products. Warp knitted geogrid with warp knitting machine of high strength polyester industrial filament yarn by computer, coating, plastic geogrid. Product features: Taka Lanobu strength, tearing strength and the combination of strong, Tsuchisa Ishi. Geogrid tensile geogrid and biaxially oriented plastic geotechnical grille, steel composite geotechnical grille, these products can be very good application in soft soil foundation treatment and subgrade reinforcement embankment engineering, improve project quality, reduce project cost. Unidirectional stretching Earthwork Grille is a kind of polymer as the main raw material, adding some additives, anti ultraviolet, after drawing the original distribution of the dispersed molecular chain to adjust the state of linear and pressure into a sheet by extrusion, and then punching at rules and the longitudinal tensile a high strength soil materials. The glass fiber reinforced earth grid is used to improve the road, the old road base and the soft soil foundation reinforcement, fine soil. In the treatment of asphalt pavement reflection cracks in the application, has become an indispensable material. The bi directional tensile plastic geo grid is made of polymer extrusion, sheet, and the longitudinal, transverse tension and. Material in the longitudinal and transverse have a lot of tensile strength, this structure in the soil can also provide a more effective bearing and the spread of the ideal chain system, suitable for large area of permanent bearing foundation reinforcement. Plastic geogrid, steel plastic composite geotechnical grille is - wire by high density (polypropylene) or (high density polyethylene) wrapped in a high strength steel strip, ultrasonic welding and become, and according to the needs of the project change the size of the tension of the belt using different diameter and root number; through the production engineering plastic surface treatment, inhibit the concavo convex pattern, increase the strength of the welded joints, improve the coefficient of friction of the surface of belt, the grid filling level shear stress resistance, to improve the soft foundation bearing force impedance of soil rupture surface and meet the requirement of the construction of the permanent works.

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